Interupted plans

We planned to keep Rover’s cage on until next weekend, which would have been a month, but unfortunately things happen. I had to take it off Wednesday morning (2am) because he was hurting. When I took it off (it had been on for 3 weeks straight) I noticed he had a sore spot rubbed where the lip of the shaft meets the ring. He said Tuesday that it was sore in that spot and I put some medicine and a piece of gauze between the shaft and Lil Rover so it would cushion it and not rub so much.

I woke up at 2am Wednesday morning with him moaning and trying to adjust it to get comfortable. I decided to go ahead and take it off to make sure there was no other damage. The spot on the base of his penis next to his stomach is a little raw from being rubbed and he had a red spot just under the head. He has had it off since then and I’ve had him medicating it and when I checked it last night it was looking much better.

I will be locking him back up tonight so I can “unwrap” it for his birthday next weekend. We will be looking for a way to keep this from happening again. I have decided to make sure he is not locked up 24/7 for more than 2 weeks at a time. I will give him at least a few hours out of his cage if for nothing else than me some play time and to make sure there won’t be any damage to my pet.

I think it’s time to check into getting a Steelworxx made so maybe he will be more comfortable.


Date Night

I have never been one to dress up and put on makeup as an everyday ritual. I always saved it for special occasions or when I had a reason.  I have been told several times that I was attractive when I was fixed up but well to be honest I’ve never had a high self esteem especially where looks were concerned.

The other day I asked Rover what he thought was attractive in women. I know he lusts after long legged blondes, I mean, who don’t LOL. Anyway, I am a FAR CRY from a long legged blonde; considering I’m a short legged (5’0″ tall) brunette. So you can see how that would make me ask. I know I am in charge of this relationship and I can do what I want and that’s easy for me. Just like it’s easy for him to give up his “freedom” for me and trust me enough to take care of him.

I guess what I’m saying is I needed a reason so we have decided that we are going to have a “Date Night” at least once a week. I only have 2 nights off a week and so Sunday will be our “Date Night” and if we want we can do something Wednesdays too. This will give me the reason I have been looking for. I want to feel good about myself and when I am dressed up and people turn and look when I walk by it makes me feel good about myself. It also helps when Rover can’t stop staring and Lil Rover is drooling like a mad dog (pardon the pun, LOL) .

Date night was dinner at a local restaurant we both like. I had on a fitted dress, black pantyhose, and pumps. Once seated at our table, away from everyone else, thank goodness. I decided to see just how uncomfortable I could make Rover sitting there, so I decided to play footsie with my caged pet. He was rubbed, squeezed and shown all kinds of attention right there under the table. Rover couldn’t stop grinning. He was enjoying every moment of it.

Once we were home, he got into uniform so Miss Kitty  could knead her toes in his crotch and play with Lil Rover for a while. I was still fully clothes and he couldn’t get enough of showing my feet and legs (still in the hose) all his attention. I was definitely enjoying the attention he was giving me, my legs and feet.

Then I decided it was time for me to take care of business. I strapped him to the chair and decided to use my toy as I saw fit. While he was sitting there unable to move, I got myself off  using his cage and give him a little taste of what he was missing. I knew he wanted to “thank” me but even though I LOVE the way he “thanks” me, he just wanted it too much for me to allow him to have it. So with each little taste of me on my fingers he knew I was in charge.

I wore my pantyhose to bed so he could touch and feel but he couldn’t have anything in them. I did let him get me off a couple more times and then for the finale I had one hell of an orgasm. He could only get me off with his hand which made it that much worse for him because he couldn’t lick me only my cum off his fingers. Then I, very well sated, rolled over and went to sleep. It was a great end to an outstanding night.

Now I have to find some more dresses and hose/stockings for our future date nights. Looks like I’m heading for a wardrobe change. I love the look in his eyes when he was watching me. Looks like this is what I have been looking for the last few years. Little did I know it was within my grasp for the past 7 yrs. Thank you Rover for everything. I love you.

NEVER had a clue a joke would lead to THIS!

9 months ago my friend for 8 years and 7 with benefits asked if I needed any locktite. As is thread locker, superglue for bolts…  Punctuation means EVERYTHING!!!! My kinky minded ass replied with a joke about a vague reference to chastity.. which she didn’t even know existed for men!!!!, Thank you Google!!! Hah. She checked it out and said sure, it might be fun to play with thinking I was bullshiting when I told her if she was serious,,, I would order one sent to her house and we could start the New Year off RIGHT!!! Then the UPS truck delivered a pretty purple of a chastity cage to her door. I moved in New year’s day! Ha hah.  Much to my delight, it has evolved into an complete 24/7 submissive life for me. The first device wasn’t much of a device. But it was fun to play with, wear for a cpl of days here and there, hygiene issues and bulkiness wouldn’t allow for much longer than a week. I wanted more, A LOT more…  So I gave her $200 to buy a chastity device of her choice and said surprise me, I don’t want to know anything about it in till it’s locked on and a done deal. July 29th I was locked in a pink Holy Trainer V2, which I LOVE by the way! She said she “thought you’d look pretty in pink”. Ha hah.   Now in the “trial period” before entering into contract of chastity and slave ownership. I am rather securely locked away until my birthday. I wait for her arrival each night naked except for her cage and a collar. Completly at her service.  We are working out a contract to both of our likeings. She is just getting started learning about all of this, so I am actually asking for a lot stricter terms than she has in mind, but it’s all going well. she has been more than eager to learn new ways to tease tournament and torture me!!! So I don’t see it being a problem. If all goes well we plan to commit to a year of 24/7 lifestyle and see how it turn out. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE!!!

Sunday night adventure

After a productive weekend in the house we had a good evening Sunday night. We worked on out personal contract for a while and discussed what we wanted and how it was to be used.

It’s almost complete and I will post it on here once we have it completed and ready to implement. We still have a few things to add here and remove there. One thing was how long I was going to keep him locked up. He has had his cage on for 13 days today. I am one who likes to research, as I have noted before, and have read different things about men being locked up need to have an orgasm at least every other week. I think that’s bull malarkey, but if him not having one will cause him any medical issues I will make sure he has one at least once a month. That’s still for me to decide. I’ve known him for over 8 years and not coming has never been an issue for him, well until 8 months ago.  HAHAHA

During my research, I did find that if he were milked every so often it would be safe for him to not come as often. This was a first for both of us. Boy, you should have heard our conversation while we were in position. Oh what the hell, I’ll tell you…. Rover, “What is it suppose to feel like when it happens?” Me, “I don’t know but I guess we will both find out when it does.” Rover, “I have to pee.” Me, “You can hold it.” Rover, “Is it going to make a difference with me having to use the bathroom?” Me, “Hmmm, I don’t know. Go pee just in case it makes a difference.”

Back in position and I decided I would use one of my dildos, mainly because my finger was getting tired. I had already had several orgasms and was really enjoying myself when I thought he was going to jump off the bed. Needless to say, he was milked very well and felt much better. He said that was the next best thing to having an orgasm. He did sleep better that night, so that’s a good thing. I’m sure he will be on here in a while to give his side of the reaction.

Child free weekend

You would not believe what we did for the whole weekend while we were childless….

I don’t mean nothing as in we laid around all day, well, just a little bit, HAHA. We both work from morning to night most days and usually Saturdays too. My daughter went to spend the weekend with a family friend and we spent the weekend catching up on some things we weren’t able to do while she was home. You guessed it….housework. :p

It wasn’t ALL bad though. Rover was in full uniform for most of our time indoors working and it was a lovely site to see.
It’s nice to see him dressed…er well…undressed and working around the house. I have such a nice little pet. As they say, it was the cat’s meow, in this case it was Miss Kitty’s meow. I was completely purring all day watching him strut around like a good puppy. Mmmmm *daydreaming* 🙂

Anyway, we did get the house cleaned and unfortunately he had to get clothes on so we could start cleaning up outside. Once it got too hot to do anymore outside we came in to spend some time in the air conditioning. He, of course, had to get back in uniform and made lunch then we sat and rested for a while. Rested as in, both of us fell asleep. I had a great catnap and I’m sure he napped as well.

The weekend ended too soon as usual and I had to go get the daughter Sunday afternoon. It was still a good weekend. We talked, laughed and had a good time even if we didn’t play. Well…..until Sunday night…….. *WEG*

Let the training begin…

That title is a bit misleading, but I’m not sure what else to call this post. We both, mostly me, are learning as we go. Rover has had this lifestyle fantasy for, in his own words, 20+ years. Myself, well, as I said before, I knew about BDSM, D/s, and kinky play. I knew there were chastity belts for women but never knew there was such a big interest in chastity devices for men. Rover had told me about it and how he wanted one, because it was part of his fantasy of being controlled. I never realized how serious he was until he said he ordered one and had it sent to my house.  Yeah right, sure, whatever you say….ha ha ha

I really should have eaten my words because damned if one didn’t show up at my house. I didn’t have a clue how this thing worked, LMAO, but I was damn well gonna learn. I got it ready, along with some of our other toys for one of our play nights. Now was the time for me to learn as I played. I was still in the mindset of being gentle with his penis because of my past history with wimpy men. I was all excited because it was a new experience and I wanted to learn all I could. It ended up Rover showing me how to put it on himself. Lucky for me, he likes it rough. It took me some time but I finally could get it on and off like a pro.

We have been at it together for almost 8 months now and keep trying new things and learning new ways to inflict pain aka pleasure on him. I have become more confident in my “abuse” and am really enjoying this side of me. Like I said before, I have always like being in control and this is working out great for both of us.

We have now decided to write up a contract; not legally but personally that way there is no question about his role and my role. My role is easy. I get to keep him locked up, tied to the bed, table, chair, couch or whatever else I can find, LOL. I get to torture his penis with a flogger, riding crop, and even wrapping it up with cords. I love my role in this, and take much excitement out of watching him squirm with pain aka pleasure.

His role on the other hand is taking care of me. We have started slow with him getting my stuff ready for my shower and rubbing my feet after I get out and can sit and relax before bed. When we are child free; He is to be in “uniform,” to include him being naked with his cage and collar on right now. I will be getting a butt plug for him to wear at a later time. I have started a list of other items that will be part of his role soon but this is of course a training period so I don’t expect him to get everything right. The fun I get out of this is giving him his punishment when he forgets or even, shall I say disregards the rules.

We continue to talk about different things we would like to try and look for more interesting toys to play with. Either way, we are both learning our new roles and enjoying every minute of it.

Miss Kitty (=^.^=)

The new cage

I received Rover’s new chastity cage early last week and was able to put it on him last Wednesday. Things were crazy at work so I didn’t get a chance to post about it but all is well.

Rover loves his new cage and is amazed at the comfort of it because the other one was bulky and he wasn’t really comfortable with it. There were also issues with hygiene. This one fits so well that it isn’t an issue. He was amazed with the way it fit within the first few hours of sleeping in it.

Like I said, it was delivered early last week. It was a surprise for Rover. After a couple days break because we were both exhausted, we got to play last Wednesday. I took his other cage off and played for a while. I edged him several times, tied him up and teased him several times, and let him “thank” me (oral orgasm). Once I had plenty of orgasms and was ready to have a good night sleep I decided it was time to get him ready for his new cage.

He hadn’t had an orgasm in a couple of weeks and so I wanted to start his lock up time with the new cage fresh. I had edged him to the point of insanity, LOL. He didn’t know if I was going to let him get off or just make him suffer again. I was all about letting him suffer but it was late and I had an early morning and a long next day at work. So after MUCH more teasing, I finally let him get off with much release AND relief.

After all was done, I put on his new cage and took off his blindfold and gag. After getting his senses back he was able to sit up and admire his new look. I really liked it and the fit was great. He slept in it that night, worked the whole next day and was amazed at the comfort and feel of it.

I’m glad it worked out.This one is a keeper….. until I get him his metal one.

Where the adventure begins…Part 2

Our next adventure begins between October and November of 2014. It all started with a simple text. Just remember that punctuation is a must but it’s amazing how things went haywire after that simple text.

I work at a warehouse and when we have expired products we can take them home for personal use. Well, I knew Rover could probably use some Loctite so I sent him a text, “you need some Loctite”, just like that, no punctuation. We had been having one of our “strange” conversations and well I just sent it as soon as I received the release for the adhesives. As they say…that simple text got the ball rolling.

I don’t remember the whole conversation but it got kinkier and kinkier. We started talking about D/s, BDSM and chastity cages, for him, and I was shocked to hear him talk about those things. I had never pictured him as a submissive. I never really considered myself as a Dom but I did know that I had always like being in control in sexual situations. I took the initiative many time and always liked being on top so I had control of my pleasure.

Well needless to say we talked more and I was interested in learning more about the lifestyle. I had read “50 Shades” just like everyone else. I had always been interested in reading erotica of some sort so that book wasn’t anything new. I had experimented in being tied up, it’s not MY thing, so I didn’t do it much. I was always criticized for being too rough with men, especially their “jewels”, men were just wimps as far as their dicks were concerned, IMHO.

We started making plans on getting a cage to lock him up, still shocked at this point, but HEY I’m all for trying new things. I was really getting excited about being able to be rough and not get bitched at because I squeezed too hard or pulled their balls too much. We made plans to get a cage for Christmas and wrap “it” up until my birthday, February. That didn’t happen, but we did end up finally getting one and it worked out alright.

I am a single mom and my teen daughter lives with me, but she wanted to go to a friends house for New Years Eve. Anyway, I called Rover and told him I had a free day and he should come over so we (I) could “practice”. I hadn’t even got started good and had been doing “research” on different things. It was awesome, to say the least. I was interested in learning more.

Rover finally ordered a simple cage, simple is right, but it was alright for a starter one when funds were low. I didn’t have a freaking clue how to put it on, so he helped me and showed me how it worked. HAH I got this shit now!!!!!

Well to make a long story short and to finish this introduction…. He moved in on New Years Day. We have had a blast and I have learned so much and my (our) sex life has never been better. We are still amazed that we both fit into this lifestyle so easy. It’s better than either of us expected.

We have now upgraded to a better cage for my Rover but that is another story.

Miss Kitty (=^.^=)
Miss Kitty (=^.^=)

Where the adventure begins…part 1

Our adventure actually has two beginnings.

This is the first one….When I met Rover the first time it was about 8 +/- years ago.

We clicked right off the bat, but didn’t get close until a few years after that when we became great friends. We had a sexual relationship but it was mostly vanilla with a bunch of talk about tying up and spanking. I never even thought he was serious about any of it, HAH little did I know. Of course, one thing I can say is, sex with Rover was never boring; even vanilla, we knew how to keep it interesting.

Neither one of us ever opened up about much of anything, especially anything personal. We would go weeks, even months, without talking but eventually one of us would contact the other and we would get together, catch up on life and of course have a short fling. LOL what better way to describe it. We didn’t want anything serious or to get too close to anyone. We would cut up, joke, bitch at (all in fun),  and yet were always completely honest with each other.

I’m not good at keeping up with a timeline or dates so I really can’t say how or when the best friends thing happened. I guess it was about a year and a half ago when we were together at his place and were talking and he opened up to me, I mean REALLY opened up. He reached deep down inside and told me about some issues he had been dealing with; which was great because he, even today, don’t do that often. Anyway, that’s another story. I’m not going to go into details about how that discussion ended up because that’s getting to far into personal territory.

I will continue on with we didn’t see each other for I guess close to a year; we talked & texted some but didn’t see each other. He was going through some things and didn’t want me to see him like that. Again, I’m not good at remembering dates and time so this may be more like months short or longer than the year. I still have a hard time opening up about my history but I tell him stuff when I think about it or when something reminds me of it. I have forgotten so much that it’s hard to remember without a reminder.

Last year, Summer of 2014, we started hanging out again and talking more. We both realized that we were the only ones “we” could depend on and trust and during all this time had become best friends. What better way to start any type of relationship than starting out as BFF’s.

Little did I know how much my life would change…for the better. I will get into our next “beginning” in part 2.

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty (=^.^=)